Metal Bondage Day 2

2016 | video:mp4 HD | 1280*720 | time:00:22:48 | size:348mb |

Mistress Sidonia returns to continue the slave’s punishment, waking him up from an uncomfortable nights sleep. The metal bondage has been keeping him from deep sleep, the heavy chastity waking him randomly. After removing the cruel, pulling nipple clamps, he has them trampled, bringing the blood flowing back. Mistress then uses her impressive electrified strapon to fuck his hole, before filling it with a big steel enema butt plug. Continue reading

Metal Bondage Day 1

2016 | video:mp4 HD | 1280*720 | time:00:28:41 | size:276mb |

Mistress Sidonia’s slave is locked in the cellar, held in place with intense metal bondage. She is using some of her favourite chrome and steel toys to torment the slave. His cock is fucked internally with an electric sound before being restrained with the chastity cage with urethral attachment. The slave is then left overnight, chained to the wall by the locking butt plug, awaiting her return. Continue reading